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NovaForge: software development factory

Opening up information systems, implementing new services, integrating applications… these and many other catalysts are driving IT Departments to launch numerous IS modernization and updating projects. But these projects are often bound by tough financial, regulatory, functional and technical constraints. In an environment where typically 70% of projects run over budgets or deadlines by 50% or more, IT Departments have to meet many challenges, including:

  • Gathering and organizing requirements
  • Reusing and capitalizing on existing investments as far as possible
  • Managing the development life-cycle, especially through total traceability of the tasks that have been carried out and monitoring of quality
  • Enhancing security.

A professional, structured approach to improve software development productivity

NovaForge is a shared industrial platform that draws on a development process based on a collection of tools which has been used for many years by Bull’s R&D teams for their own collaborative development initiatives. As a professional, structured software development factory, NovaForge aims to:

  • Reduce the overall development workload
  • Optimized the management of costs and timescales
  • Improve the quality of deliverables
  • Facilitate acceptance by the various people involved in the project
  • Keep control over the development process
  • Reduce risks, especially by providing a shared view of the project parameters.

Making use of Open Source components, NovaForge can be used as a platform for:

  • Application development or renovation projects in J2EE, PHP and .net environments
  • Third-party application maintenance of the components that have been developed
  • Professional third-party application acceptance testing.

Significant added value

NovaForge promotes three core values:

  • Re-use of existing developments, through the use of qualified development tools and proven methodologies
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  • Shared development: no matter where those involved are based, NovaForge allows them to share a common view of their projects and document libraries
  • Flexibility: NovaForge has been designed as a modular solution, which can be used alongside specific tools and responds to variations in project work-loading.

NovaForge can also be offered in hosted mode or installed on customers’ own systems.

NovaForge™: the real benefits

  • Improved quality of deliverables
  • Lower overall development workload
  • Better management of costs and timescales
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater acceptance of projects by the various people involved
  • Lower risks, most notably thanks to a shared view of all the project parameters


NovaForge: Software development factory

Open Access, Open Exchange, Open Service, Open Enterprise: The 4 key elements of an industrial approach to Open Source. With Bull, enter in the age of collaborative development to drive innovation and competitiveness;


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