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Bull Performance Report
A capacity and performance management solution for VMware environments

Virtualization capabilities provided by the VMware infrastructure makes the IT environment more flexible and efficient, while reducing installation and operating costs. However, by consolidating many disparate server workloads and pooling infrastructure resources, the virtualization increases the risk of resource utilization contention and consequently the inability to provide expected service levels. As an effective and proactive capacity and performance management solution, Bull Performance Report* enables to reach the full return on VMware investments by managing proactively and efficiently both physical and virtual systems in order to meet QoS and high availability objectives, while delivering resource optimization.

Bull Performance Report (BPR) is designed for operational capacity management to help decision making and top-down analysis for anticipating performance quality issues. BPR helps to accelerate and
optimize virtualization deployments and allows simultaneously maximizing VMware ROI and minimizing risks.

Deep insight into the VMware farm

Combining VMware’s resource management with BPR allows an effective
capacity management for the entire VMware virtual infrastructure.
BPR visualizes capacity and utilization from cluster level to Virtual Machines (VM). It helps to size objects correctly, and to place effectively workloads among hosts. By understanding all VM entitlements on a
host and within a cluster, architects and administrators will have a good view of the resources being made available to meet capacity demands, including the new VMs that can be added to each cluster.

Proactive management

Through proactive management and predictive analysis capabilities, BPR is well suited to the dynamic nature of VMware and help IT managers make better and faster decisions. BPR analyzes how resource consumption is balanced among the different levels of the VMware
architecture: cluster, server, pools, VMs, so that VMs get access to the resources they require.
BPR also enables easily the identification of under- or over-used, in order, for example, to avoid VM proliferation.

Intuitive Management Reports

Bull Performance Report provides on a regular basis intuitive management decision making reports. They are accessible from any web browser and allow organizations to save time and money thanks to fully documented reports, available for VMware architects, administrators or IT managers.


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April 6, 2010
With its novascale bullion, Bull is back in force in the enterprise server market